American Apocalypse Now  2017

Like a roadmap towards oblivion…. delivered with rare power and brutal and visceral beauty”.  (Brian Hutton)       Read full review   

From the opening bars of ‘Going to a Town’ to the crescendo of ‘Glacier’, I was transfixed by the virtuosity of Stephen’s playing and Pauline’s vocal. The timing of American Apocalypse Now is perfect“.   (Martin Jamieson)        Read full review  

14 Mirrors  2017

The Onion Club and Special Guests celebrate the work of Billy McKenzie

A great evening…. superbly staged…..Billy’s legacy lives on…the artist’s interpretation of his song’s lived and breathed emotion and soul..   Torch singing of the highest order by Pauline Hynd. Like Beth Gibbon or Alison Goldfrapp. These songs require people who can sing. There is no hiding place…. Fantastically talented people.  (Doug Millar)

The Onion Club in Concert 2015

 The show was dark, deep and mysterious. …Songs about love provocatively performed in body hugging slips under printed kimonos and a long black overcoat. Love, world issues and politics with an uplifting hint of sarcasm.”   (Holly Scanlon)  Read full review.

Wings of Desire May 2014

The Onion Club are dramatic and theatrical and make some wonderful music as they take you on an emotional and musical rollercoaster, taking you by the hand into the world they have created for themselves. There is darkness and light, humour and sorrow, at times you find yourself smiling, at others a little overwhelmed. It’s a journey you should consider making at the first opportunity“.  (Andy Woods)     Read full review

The Onion Club Larger Than Live Dec 2014

Praising Pauline’s singing and Stephen’s piano playing (which does need doing) is missing the point, because what you get at these shows is a powerful and entrancing aesthetic vision, stitched together from lust, joy and abandon as much as it is from the songs which give it shape, or the era which gives it much of its style…..Lithe and Livid. Stephen Lee thumped the low notes with heat seeking precision‘  (Chris Fox)   Read full review 

 Funny Valentine Feb 2013

I’d been wary of the pre-gig hype. But whether it was Rodgers and Hart’s “My Funny Valentine” or Brecht and Weill’s “Alabama Song”, all were handled as the cultural treasures, the musical artifacts, they are. (Add to that a gripping version of Nick Cave’s “God Is In The House”.) They were ravished rather than ruined.  The Onion Club’s own compositions were no less enthralling, notably “Manky Water” which sounded as if it has been recently dredged from a Louisiana bayou”.      Read full review   

 ‘God may be away , but this pair mean business’ Chris Fox

“Mesmerising” Gavin McGinty

“Sublime” Andy Woods

“Electric” Trevor Ward.